New Trump Impeachment Polls Show Major Recent Surge


Donald Trump announced via tweet that was yanking 1,000 American soldiers out of northeastern Syria, home to the Kurds. That is leaving them vulnerable to a Turkish invasion, a bloodbath. These fierce fighting women and men have died fighting beside the US and against ISIS. The Turkish airstrike may have begun.

SOURCE: Morning Consult Poll.

The American president made his unilateral decision in the middle of the night after talking to Turkey’s dictator Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin would be pleased, too. The rest of the world, not so much.

A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll indicated half of American voters supported Trump’s impeachment, POLITICO reported. A full 50 percent of surveyed voters supported pulling Trump out of office. Only 43 percent opposed it. Then, there was seven percent who were undecided.

That 50 percent number mirrors the percentage of American voters who wanted the impeachment inquiry to get more serious. Another 44 percent were opposed to the inquiry, and 43 percent opposed Trump’s impeachment.

SOURCE: Morning Consult Poll.

Morning Consult Vice President Tyler Sinclair said:

‘President Trump’s impeachment inquiry is drawing strong — and divisive — interest from voters with an eye toward the 2020 election. For instance, roughly four in 10 voters would be more likely to vote for a senator who backs removing Trump from office, including seven in 10 Democrats. This compares with 35 percent who say they are less likely to vote for a senator who backs removal, including seven in 10 Republicans.’

SOURCE: Morning Consult Poll.

Washington Post-Schar School poll asked interviewees whether Congress should start an impeachment inquiry. In this poll, 58 percent said it should. Then, they were asked whether the House should remove him from office. Of those who wanted an inquiry, 49 percent supported a Trump impeachment. The poll showed 38 percent disagreed with an impeachment inquiry. Then, six percent believed the inquiry was a good idea but did not want the House to impeach the president.

SOURCE: Morning Consult Poll.

Quinnipiac University poll asked separately first about the inquiry, then about impeachment and removal. This poll indicated that 45 percent want Trump impeached and removed from the White House. A full 53 percent of those surveyed wanted a “formal impeachment inquiry.” Only 43 percent disapproved.

SOURCE: Morning Consult Poll.

Another poll from NBC News/Wall Street Journal indicated that 24 percent of American voters believed:

‘[T]here is enough evidence for Congress to impeach Donald Trump and remove him from office now.’

A full 31 percent believed:

‘Congress should hold an impeachment inquiry to determine if there is enough evidence to see if he should remain or be removed from office.’

SOURCE: Morning Consult Poll.

Then, 39 percent thought:

‘[T]here is now enough evidence for Congress to hold an impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, and he should finish his term as president.’

Generally speaking, 55 percent of Americans were in favor of the impeachment inquiry, which has been ongoing. Thirty-nine percent were against it.

Respondents were asked “[B]ased upon what you know today,” should the president be impeached and removed. A full 43 percent said he should, and 49 percent said he should not.

The POLITICO/Morning Consult poll randomly-selected 1,991 registered voters. The margin error was a good 2+/- percentage points:

‘Morning Consult is a nonpartisan media and technology company that provides data-driven research and insights on politics, policy and business strategy.’

The entire poll can be reached by clicking on this link.

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