GOP House Minority Leader Ensnared In Giuliani Thug Scandal


A free-wheeling child disguised as a wanna-be dictator has been bleeding corruption everywhere he turns. Donald Trump’s personal attorney and former New York mayor Rudy Giiuliani has been serving as his top fixer. Everywhere the two show up, they are followed by that trail of corruption. Now, more indictments.

Two associates of Giuliani, one born in Russia, and the other in Ukraine were just arrested on charges of campaign finance violations. Their scheme was to launder a $325,000 donation into POTUS’ main super PAC, America First Action.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman have been arrest and were due to appear before a Virginia federal court today, according to The Wall Street Journal. They assisted Giuliani as he worked to strengthen the bogus investigation into former vice president Joe Biden’s son. Biden has been Trump’s top 2020 presidential opponent.

These two shady Florida businessmen turned U.S. citizens were charged with conspiracy and making false statements to the Federal Election Commission (FED). Another two have been arrested and charged with using an LLC to launder the contribution that moved seamlessly to Trump’s PAC.

Fruman and Parnas had dinner with Trump in early May 2018. Apparently, just a month later, they met with Donald Trump Jr. in Beverly Hills, California for a fundraising breakfast.

The two also donated to the campaign of Florida Senator Rick Scott, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

According to The Journal, the men managed to link Giuliani to many former and current Ukrainian prosecutors regarding the Bidens. Giuliani took Parnas to a meeting with Kurt Volker, the recently-retired special representative in the Ukraine negotiations.

Attorney John Dowd led Trump’s legal team at one point. and Parnas and Furman are currently his clients. Dowd asserted that neither of his clients would cooperate with the House’s Trump impeachment inquiry. The House has requested documents and scheduled depositions.

Not only that, Parnas was involved in the former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yavanovitch’s firing. They accused her of criticizing Trump. Then, Parnas went to Representative Pete Sessions (R-TX), who wrote the letter encouraging the White House to replace her.

Parnas inlisted Ukraine-born Fruman link Giuliani with the Ukrainian officials. Since then, Giuliani has been bullying the Ukrainians, trying to get them to construct fake dirt on Biden’s son’s Hunter, who sat on the board of a Ukrainian energy company.

In addition, Giuliani wanted the Ukrainians to come up with Hillary Clinton’s email server based upon an alt-right conspiracy theory. Russia stole her and Democratic National Committee’s emails and basically threw the presidential win to Trump in 2016. Trump has been committed to freeing the Russians from blame. If he could do that, America could drop the sanctions on Russia.

Fortunately, a whistleblower came forward as great risk to his career and his safety. Two of Trump’s supporters donated $50,000 to help uncover his identity. Trump has been searching for not only the whistleblower but also those who contributed information to him.

That complaint sparked the House impeachment investigation. It started with a phone call that Trump made to the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in late July. Trump told the newly-elected president he had a deal that the Ukrainian could not refuse. Come up with the Biden dirt, and POTUS would release the direly-needed $391 million in military aid to fight the Russians.

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