Obama Takes To Twitter For Classy Jabs At Trump


President Obama is everything Donald Trump could never be. Because the qualities Obama possesses are not things that can be bought, they are things that are striven for. Until now, Trump never had any interest in pretending he cared about others, while Obama has given his life to making the world a better place.

That’s why Trump hates him so much. Not only is he what Trump wishes he could be physically, but he is the public speaker that Trump wishes he could be, and the man of the people that Trump assumes he is. So when Obama tweeted the following post, people went crazy almost instantly:

Just a little bit of shade for our current leader, and while Obama would never call out Trump by name in order to keep his reputation as the classiest president in history, but you just know he had him in mind when he said those words.

People on Twitter agreed with Obama and thanked him for his words. We saved a bunch of responses Barack got on his post. Check them out below: