Republican Throws Trump Under The Bus In Ukraine Scandal


The president is having, quite possibly, the toughest week of his presidency, and he only makes it harder on himself when he continues to constantly rant on social media about how innocent he is and how all the investigations into his actions are nothing more than a Democratic witch hunt.

Thursday morning, two Russians working closely with Rudy Giuliani to dig up dirt on Trump’s 2020 competitor, Joe Biden, were arrested and indicted on finance charges.

Now, reports indicate that those two men were also frequent visitors to Trump’s Florida resort Mar-a-Lago. Former Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo had this to say about the men to  MSNBC’s Ari Melber:

“So Ari, these gentlemen were up on the Hill in the spring of last year and they were lobbying on cannabis policy, were trying to build relationships with members, and they came to my office. They stood out a little bit. They had an air of flamboyance to them, but I had no reason to believe that they were up to anything nefarious. They didn’t give any clues as to any of this that we’re now discovering.”

Curbelo continued:

“However, they did make it a point to say a few times that they had very good relationships with the White House, that they were frequent guests at Mar-a-Lago, and—Did they mention Giuliani?”

He wasn’t done there, however. Curbelo went on:

“They did mention that they had a close friendship with Mayor Giuliani. If I had to guess, after having interacted briefly with these gentlemen for some time, I think that they’re going to want to cooperate as much as possible. To protect themselves.”