Trump Tweets Incoherent Thursday Rants & It’s Really Pathetic


Watch the Republicans standing behind Donald Trump as he excused himself from the Turks ethnic cleansing our most important allies the Kurds. POTUS is an example of the ignorant leading the ignorant saying the Kurds did not help us in Normandy. Then, he started this morning rant

Trump skipped reports of 10,000 to 12,000 of the worst ISIS fighters armed with passports and a hatred of America and 73,000 hardened families no longer guarded by the Turks. News of 100 Kurdish allies dying just hit the airwave, but the president of these United States was all about nothing to see here, Kids. It is all good in Ukraine:

‘“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters Thursday his controversial July call with President Trump involved no bribe, blackmail or quid pro quo, as impeachment-minded Democrats claim.” This should immediately end the talk of impeachment!’

Next, he wanted people to believe him over the Fox News poll:

From the day I announced I was running for President, I have NEVER had a good @FoxNews Poll. Whoever their Pollster is, they suck. But@FoxNews is also much different than it used to be in the good old days. With people like Andrew Napolitano, who wanted to be a Supreme….’

Then, he started pounding Fox News:

…Court Justice & I turned him down (he’s been terrible ever since), Shep Smith, @donnabrazile (who gave Crooked Hillary the debate questions & got fired from @CNN), & others, @FoxNews doesn’t deliver for US anymore. It is so different than it used to be. Oh well, I’m President!’

From there, he jumped to his made-up attack on his opponent and former vice president Joe Biden’s son:

‘Where is Hunter Biden? He has disappeared while the Fake News protects his Crooked daddy!’

Trump does not even know what a “coup” is:

“This is not an impeachment. This is a coup” – @newtgingrich @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness “the left hates trump that includes the NYTimes & the Washington post. Act 2 is the senate who will ask hunter Biden what did you do for $600-k from Ukraine? This is all a game”‘

Then, he retweeted a Fox Business host somehow linking impeachment with suicide:

Today @newtgingrich “You can always impeach if you are in the majority and if you want to commit suicide & that’s what they are doing” @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness’

Not if we see you first, Ivanka:

Why isn’t the IG investigating his so-called Whistleblower? All bad info!

Finally, he got to Turkey’s bombing and ground-war attack on our strongest ally against ISIS. Turks killed women and children with the second-best military in the world — after America’s:

‘Turkey has been planning to attack the Kurds for a long time. They have been fighting forever. We have no soldiers or Military anywhere near the attack area. I am trying to end the ENDLESS WARS. Talking to both sides. Some want us to send tens of thousands of soldiers to….’

Trump completely abandoned the Kurds to Turkey, Russia, and a group of Syrians. Maybe, it was a birthday president to Putin:

‘….the area and start a new war all over again. Turkey is a member of NATO. Others say STAY OUT, let the Kurds fight their own battles (even with our financial help). I say hit Turkey very hard financially & with sanctions if they don’t play by the rules! I am watching closely.’

After that, Trump thanked a host on Russian-run One America News:

‘Thank you to @OANN One America News for your fair coverage and brilliant reporting. It is appreciated by many people trying so hard to find a new, consistent and powerful VOICE! See you tonight at the Big Rally in Minneapolis.’

Next, Trump hopped back to his not-my-fault Ukraine strong-arming:

‘The President of the Ukraine just stated again, in the strongest of language, that President Trump applied no pressure and did absolutely nothing wrong. He used the strongest language possible. That should end this Democrat Scam, but it won’t, because the Dems & Media are FIXED!’

POTUS went after the Intelligence Community inspector general and the “so-called whistleblower:”

‘Why isn’t the IG investigating his so-called Whistleblower? All bad info!’

Then, the president spread his slime of excuses toward China and a “big deal:”

‘Big day of negotiations with China. They want to make a deal, but do I? I meet with the Vice Premier tomorrow at The White House.’

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