BREAKING: Mass Shooters Claims Multiple Lives At Private Club


DEVELOPING – Reports of out Brooklyn, New York indicate that early Saturday morning at least one gunman has taken the lives of at least four victims, leaving five others injured. It’s only been a matter of weeks since the last major shooting claimed multiple lives, but this one is a little different.

Two weapons were found at the scene.

The shooting appears to have taken place at a social gathering. All victims were found outside a club on Utica Avenue in Brooklyn.

According to AP, the four deceased victims were all men, and at least one woman, as well as a few other men received non-life threatening injuries in the shooting. AP reports that:

An NYPD spokesman says police responding to a call about shots fired just before 7 a.m. Saturday found four men dead at the scene. A woman and two men suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

These new details became available via a WTNH affiliate on Twitter:

The report continues:

Police say the shooting took place at 74 Utica Avenue, in the Weeksville neighborhood of Brooklyn. That address corresponded to a private social club on an online map of the street, but police couldn’t immediately describe the type of building in which the shooting took place.

The following update from Twitter now claims that nine people have been injured:

According to CNN:

Police officers and the Fire Department of New York responded to calls of a shooting about 7 a.m. Saturday on Utica Avenue in the Crown Heights area. The three survivors were taken to hospitals with injuries that were not life-threatening. One male was shot in the arm while another male survivor and a female were shot in the leg, police said. Police have no information on a suspect or motive.