Trump Spazzing Out On Twitter Over Giuliani Affiliation


The president has a hard time not associating with people who break the law. Now, he’s pretending to be shocked and shaken because everyone he knew and worked with is either in prison or under investigation. Deep down, Trump is not surprised at this information, he just thought his money would get him through the presidency without such scrupulous peering into the inner workings of his business dealings.

Trump is currently going off on Twitter about how Rudy Giuliani is being treated. Just days ago, two of Giuliani’s clients were arrested at an airport while trying to leave the country before they were indicted on campaign finance charges.

Look at what the president just said:

He can’t be serious.

The president claims the “witch hunt” is “one-sided,” but it’s an investigation. Of course it’s one-sided. Is the president claiming that, in fairness, Giuliani should be able to investigate the people investigating him?

It’s so stupid it just might be true.

Check out the responses Trump got on his tweet below: