Ted Cruz Stutters & Stumbles During ‘CBS Sunday’ Impeachment Fail


The Ukraine scandal involving President Donald Trump attempting to get the country to procure politically useful dirt on the Bidens is continuing to grow. This weekend on CBS, Face The Nation host Margaret Brennan pressed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tx) about some details of the situation, including that Trump had not taken his supposed such deeply set concerns about supposedly credible accusations against the Bidens of corruption to justice officials in the actual United States. Cruz flailed in response, refusing to directly say whether he thinks the Justice Department should investigate the Bidens over these baseless corruption allegations and instead moralizing about “fairness” — which is rich, coming from him.

Asked if it would be “in any way appropriate” for Trump to bring concerns about the Bidens to U.S. authorities, Cruz vaguely insisted:

‘I have long advocated that the Justice Department should enforce the law, should investigate corruption, should investigate violations of law regardless of party.’

Brennan replied:

‘But to be clear, you’re not calling for the Justice Department to investigate the Biden family?’

Cruz’s rambling response indicated, in starts and stops, his apparent belief that yes, authorities should look into the Biden case, although again, there remains no apparent credible evidence anywhere on the face of the earth that either former Vice President Joe Biden or his son Hunter got any illegal kickbacks for anything from Hunter’s work on a Ukrainian energy company to Joe’s work in office.

Still, Cruz insisted:

‘Look, I believe the Justice Department should investigate violations of law. If there’s credible evidence of a violation of law, yes, they should investigate. And I’ll tell you what I have called for — I think President Trump wisely released the transcript of his conversation with the Ukrainian government. I think that was good, because a lot of what the Democrats have been raising, alleging an illegal quid pro quo was not in fact backed up by the transcript. I think actually the administration should do the exact same thing for Joe Biden, that it should release the transcripts of Joe Biden’s conversations with Ukraine. Use the same standard for President Trump and Joe Biden, and let the American people read the transcripts and decide.’


To be clear — no, the call record (not exact transcript) that the White House released does not refute Democrats’ allegations of corruption. In the call, Trump says Ukraine should investigate the Bidens, and at the time of that call, already approved military aid for the country had been abruptly delayed. At issue is not whether the president said the magic words “here’s a quid pro quo.” At issue is the substance of the president’s behavior. He carried out a shakedown of a foreign government for domestic political gain.

Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani worked at times as a middle man in the president’s quest to get that dirt, and he did submit some of the information to the State Department for a review, although he claims they “didn’t deliver.”

Some of the officials he did work with — like E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland — either have or will testify to Congress.

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