Trump Erupts Into 10-Tweet Sunday Night Conniption Fit


Donald Trump has found himself backed into a corner, which is causing him to make a LOT of mistakes with the way he chooses to defend himself. He’s been lashing out at Adam Schiff for weeks now over outing him for extorting Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden and his family. He’s also been lashing out at the Democrats as a whole, which was disturbingly evident at his latest hate rally this past weekend.

Since then, he’s been raging on Twitter, and tonight’s display is a great example of a “president” losing his mind. It started with this:

Never the type to stop with just one tweet, he continued on a rampage that didn’t seem to have any sort of reason or order… It’s mindblowing that he’s not under some sort of mental health watch right now!

This next thread has nothing to do with the last, as he praises himself for what he claims is a good deal with China, even though he knows full well that his tariffs are hurting American families — especially farmers.

But it didn’t end there, as within less than an hour he circles back to Adam Schiff and the evil Democrats who are out to get him.

Is it just me, or does it seem like he’s getting a little desperate?

It continues as he focuses on the Bidens…

But then he does a 180 and takes on an entirely different subject — the Kurds. You know, the allies we abandoned for the sake of Turkey and Russia! If you’re finding it hard to keep up tonight, don’t worry — so are we!

We figured he would probably make his back to Schiff and the evil Democrats again, and we were right…

Then, of course, he’s got to post a quote from the Mark Levin’s Show which he plugged earlier in his rant…

Which brings us back to his starting point…

I feel like we are witnessing this man losing the last little bit of sanity he has left, and from the response I gathered on Twitter, I’m definitely not the only one who thinks so.

Take a look at what the public had to say about all of this:

We really hope that this is the last of his outbursts this evening, but you never know with this guy. We do know one thing for certain — he’s out of control and needs to be stopped.

Featured image via screenshot.