Trump’s Lavish Weekend Activities Leaked To Media As Kurds Die


Donald Trump reminds us of Nero ‘fiddling while Rome burned” for six days. Actually, there are quite a few similarities to the two men. Roman emperor Nero, 64 CE, “practiced every sort of obscenity” ranging from “cruelty to animals to homicide,” according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Trump has been cruel caging refugee children and lighting the fire that triggered one of the worst acts an American president has ever committed.

Rather than lead, Donald Trump set the fire that triggered the Turkish attack on the Kurds. Then, he retired to his golf course. POTUS went golfing while “America’s most loyal allies in the Middle East were slaughtered:”

‘Golfing while America’s loyalest allies in the Middle East are slaughtered.’

“Nero was such a bad guy, in fact, that he may very well have been the first Antichrist in the Christian tradition.” Trump may have stepped into that 21st-century role in the U.S. He turned loose the second larges NATO armed country, Turkey, onto the Kurds living peacefully along the northern border in Syria.

The Kurdish men and women warriors fought valiantly against ISIS on behalf of the U.S. They lost over 11,000 of their soldiers. The American military fought with them and lost a very few American soldiers.

The Kurds had been guarding between 10,000 and 11,000 of the worst ISIS fighters. Since the Turks’ invasion, ISIS has been trying to escape.

“Nero wore theatrical garb to fit the occasion. He dressed in “cithara (lute) player’s garb” while Trump dressed in his white golf attire. POTUS has golfed approximately 230 days in golf courts he owned.

There are conflicting accounts as to how many hundreds of days Trump has spent at one of his golf course as president, and each time, the American taxpayers footed the bill for all of the Secret Service and other expenses.

Protesters were ready for him They posted a “Traitor” sign across from the Trump National Golf Club:

‘Note dog in top left. At Trump Golf Club waiting to Rat.’

These protesters were waiting for the president at his club:

‘here are the protesters who greeted the president as he arrived at the Trump National Golf Club’

This individual tweeted:

‘While American allies are being slaughtered and ISIS prisoners in Syria are running free, traitor Trump is spending his 236th day on a golf course.’

Presidential candidate Democrat Julian Casto of Texas tweeted:”

‘While American allies are being slaughtered and ISIS prisoners in Syria are running free—Donald Trump is spending his 236th day on a golf course. Priorities.’

Mrs. Betty Bowers had a stronger reaction:

Leaving the nation in a constitutional crisis and our allies in the Middle East under attack, lazy #NoNothingDonald goes golfing today. Again.’

Twitter world went crazy. Check out some of our favorites below:

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