Giuliani Gets Slammed With Even More Bad News


Trump and everyone he’s associated with should be very seriously worried about the conundrum they’ve found themselves in. The president had already been implicated in numerous crimes when the Mueller Report came out, but now that the Ukraine scandal is unfolding, Trump is in full panic mode.

Desperate to shift the focus from the whistleblower complaint, Trump was willing to leave our Kurdish allies for slaughter in Syria, knowing that he would have to commit genocide to get people talking about anything else.

So that’s exactly what he did.

One of Trump’s more complicit associates is likely going down soon after the president, and today, Rudy Giuliani got even more bad news.

A man that has close ties to Giuliani has made a deal with the House Intelligence Committee to testify in the Trump impeachment hearings.

Weeks ago, the committee asked Semyon Kislin in a letter to testify in regards what he knows about Giuliani allegedly seeking out dirt on Joe Biden via Ukraine leadership.

Jeff Dannenberg is Kislin’s lawyer. He gave the following statement to CNN:

“Following an understanding reached with counsel for the House Intelligence Committee, Mr. Kislin will not be appearing for an interview or deposition today.”

Dannenberg continued:

“Mr. Kislin is not refusing to cooperate with the Committee’s requests. I continue to communicate with the Committee’s counsel to satisfy the Committee that Mr. Kislin has no knowledge of any matters relevant to the pending impeachment inquiry.”

Giuliani has to be feeling the heat after this news broke. One by one, the people associated in the wrongdoings of these powerful men are jumping ship before they go down with it.