GOP’rs & Dems Band Together To Stop Trump From Killing Kurds


The president has made a lot of mistakes in his short time leading this nation, but his most deadly mistake was abandoning our Kurdish allies in Syria, leaving them to be slaughtered by Turkish invaders likely in bed with Trump.

Politicians, including Trump supporters like Lindsey Graham, are teaming up with Nancy Pelosi to do something about Trump’s monstrous decision. Check out what Pelosi tweeted this morning about her talk with Senator Graham.

Trump himself has been raging online all morning, as per the usual, but the slaughter of our Kurdish allies seems to be the furthest thing from his mind this morning, and even over the weekend, Trump was seen golfing as reports of a rising death toll were rolling in.

People responding to Pelosi’s Twitter demands has had a lot to say about the steps that every true patriot in the nation believes is the rightful response to Trump’s murderous plot. We saved the best reactions for you below: