Pence Drops Turkey Decision That Has People Mind-Blown


Monday night, the president of the United States reached out to Turkish leaders to demand that they stop the slaughter of our Kurdish allies in Syria. It was days ago that Trump pulled our troops out of the region, and almost immediately, the Kurds fell under attack from Turkish forces.

Vice President Pence announced Monday that he would be taking a team to Turkey to ensure that a cease fire is negotiated, something that should be able to be solved with a phone call is Trump was half as respected as he thinks he is.

Pence said this to White House reporters this afternoon:

“The president of the United States called on the president of Turkey to stop the invasion, to enact an immediate ceasefire and to begin negotiations with Kurdish forces in Syria.”

The president is the one who started the invasion to begin with, but you best believe that he is going to take full credit for saving the Kurds if and when this plan of his even works. As of now, our troops may end up going back into Northern Syria, which is not even more unstable.

A Trump Administration official said this Monday:

“I think the president would not be willing to send a high-level delegation on short notice like this unless he was pretty confident that there was at least a chance of getting to a ceasefire. His commitment to ensuring the safety of civilians is such that he is willing to take that chance.”

Pence wasn’t done there, however, he kept up his charade to reporters, saying:

“The United States of America did not give a green light to Turkey to invade Syria. The president has been very clear on that point and reiterated that to President Erdogan today.”

Trump played cowboy Monday when he had finally faced enough backlash for getting our allies killed for absolutely no reason. Trump gave the following statement:

“Turkey’s military offensive is endangering civilians and threatening peace, security, and stability in the region. I have been perfectly clear with President Erdogan: Turkey’s action is precipitating a humanitarian crisis and setting conditions for possible war crimes.”

He’s acting like he wasn’t told exactly what was going to happen when he made the brash decision to pull U.S. Military presence from the area. Lindsey Graham, who had spoken out against the president’s deadly choice, is now back on Trump’s bandwagon, saying this Monday afternoon:

“President Trump gave Turkey the ability to undo the strategic damage they have already caused in a win-win fashion. I hope they will accept his outreach. Until there is a ceasefire and an end to the bloodshed, sanctions must continue and increase over time.”