Giuliani’s Attorney Abruptly Quits After Only 14 Days


The impeachment inquiry has been spilling all over the White House and those affiliated with it. It has touched upon the acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. It really slammed hard into another individual, though.

Jon Sale started working for Trump’s fixer Rudy Giuliani just a couple of weeks ago after the House of Representatives subpoenaed Giuliani. The subpoena was requesting documents related to the House’s impeachment inquiry. The new attorney was hired to help the former mayor “in matters related to the impeachment inquiry.”

If Giuliani intended to comply with the House subpoena, he would need to get those documents to the Intelligence Committee by Tuesday.

Giuliani told CNN:

‘Jon was helping me with assessing (the) congressional request. He will submit his letter and he will be finished with what I asked him to do.’

CNN reporter Erica Orden who covers the courts reported news about Giuliani’s attorney leaving. He had been hired to represent the former New York mayor but then bowed out just two weeks later. Orden tweeted:

Rudy Giuliani is parting ways with Jon Sale, the attorney who has represented him in matters related to the impeachment inquiry, per @MichaelRWarren and @evanperez.’

Those around to the president’s fixer have been suggesting he hire a criminal defense attorney. The questions about Giuliani’s involvement with two Soviet-born business associates continued to rise, especially after the FBI arrested the the men, Lev Parnas and Igor Furman.

These men have been indicted for campaign finance violations. Rudy commented:

‘If they take me to court I would then have to get another lawyer.’

The price for an attorney such as the president’s TV attorney would need could get pricey very quickly, near one million dollars. Giuliani has been going through a challenging and expensive divorce. He admitted that he had to borrow $100,000 from Trump attorney Marc Mukasey just to pay his taxes.

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