Giuliani’s Dirty Divorce Goes Public & He Is Throwing A Fit


Donald Trump’s TV attorney and fixer Rudy Giuliani is up to his eyeballs in trouble as the news he headed up a rogue parallel operation in Ukraine unfolds. He is also wrapped up in the president’s impeachment. Yet, those are only part of his troubles.

Giuliani and his third wife, Judith Nathan Giuliani have been in the middle of a very dramatic divorce. The two met in 1999 at the Club Macanudo, a cigar bar. She was a nurse and hospital sales rep divorced from her second husband. It was one of those looking across a crowd moments.

He said:

‘It was the thunderbolt. The attraction was instantaneous. There was almost something mystical about the feeling.’

She said this about the couple’s problems, according to The Washington Post:

‘It was an ongoing process that began when he lost the presidential campaign. For a variety of reasons that I know as a spouse and a nurse he has become a different man.’

She released a statement saying:

‘My husband’s denial of the affair with the married Mrs. Ryan is as false as his claim that we were separated when he took up with her.’

Rudy Giuliani, 75, tweeted:

‘[The Washington Post stooped] so low as to actually ask me about my pending divorce, to see if it affects my work. It doesn’t.’

The former New York mayor said he did not want to talk about the divorce, then he talked about it:

‘My divorce is my personal business. Anyway my opinion on it is the least objective as is my soon to be ex-wife. This is third divorce for both of us and thank goodness no children. If you can figure out the truth in a divorce proceeding, you should be on the High Court, the one above the Supreme Court.’

Judith Giuliani said:

‘I feel betrayed by a man that I supported in every way for more than 20 years. I’m sad to know that the hero of 9/11 has become a liar.’

New York political consultant Rebecca Katz said:

‘He’s going through a divorce at the same time he’s in the most precarious legal and professional situation of his life — and it’s all happening on live TV. And there doesn’t seem to be anyone left in Trump’s orbit with the inclination or authority to stop him.’


The spokesperson for Giuliani’s 1993 mayor campaign Ken Frydman said:

‘He digs it. He loves the attention. It’s sport for him — and a lack of judgment.’

Frydman said that Giuliani was a changed man:

‘They were absolutely a good match. They’re equally unsympathetic: People hate Judith and people hate Rudy.’

Katz said regarding Judith Giuliani filed for divorce in April 2018:

‘I don’t know that we can blame Rudy’s current meltdown on the divorce. It seems more likely that Rudy’s meltdown led to the breakdown of his marriage, rather than the other way around.’

The divorce has become messy with the couple fighting over everything down to their Christmas decorations. Judge Michael Katz told them:

‘It is beyond me why either party in this case would have an interest in having all of this done publicly would treat their relationship and marriage with more respect than divulging all our dirty laundry out for public consumption.’

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