Trump Has Self-Obsessed Meltdown At WH Event For Athletes


Is President Donald Trump just trying to make his time in office into as much of a spectacle as possible? This Tuesday, he hosted the NHL champion team the St. Louis Blues at the White House, and in his remarks, he veered off into complaints about House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry launched in response to his attempt to get Ukraine to get potentially politically useful dirt on the Bidens.

Speaking in the Rose Garden as if the team members who’d shown up were right there with him in his struggle, Trump complained

‘By the way, we’ve just hit the greatest economy we’ve ever had. Let’s impeach the president. Isn’t that a good idea? I wouldn’t worry about it, fellas. I wouldn’t worry about it. Don’t worry too much.’


Who on earth said the hockey players were worrying about the impeachment inquiry? Does Trump just think everyone is constantly thinking about him or something? That far-fetched explanation fits his outlandish behavior. The event was supposed to be a duly proceeding celebration of a championship sports team in line with untold numbers of similar traditional events in the past, and Trump promptly treated the gathering as if it was meant just for him to air his grievances.

To be clear — the U.S. economy isn’t the “greatest we’ve ever had” just because Trump says it is enough times. Although unemployment rates are low — a trend that began when Barack Obama was still in office — there have been times with higher growth, which is one of many points available to refute Trump’s claim that we’ve entered some kind of utopia thanks to his supposedly oh so on point guidance.

He pointed to an updated version of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) as supposed evidence for how good he’s making it for the United States, but he had an excuse for the reality of that situation too, complaining:

‘Mexico-Canada’s happening if they can ever get it approved. I doubt they will because it’s Nancy Pelosi. They’re too busy working on impeachment.’

Trump’s Tuesday behavior exemplifies why it’s been a hit or miss if championship winners would come to the White House when in the past, they’d have come pretty much no questions asked. Who wants to associate with that?

Besides complaining about the impeachment inquiry, Trump also discussed the ongoing conflict in Syria, which he helped create. Following Trump abruptly deciding to withdraw U.S. troops from the area in the interest of avoiding “endless wars,” Turkish forces moved in and began attacking local Kurds who had been fighting ISIS alongside the U.S. Now, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be heading to Turkey this week to attempt to negotiate a cease-fire. The damage has already been done from Trump’s erratic attempt at foreign policy, though, and the situation has now turned into something like an arsonist trying to put out a fire that they themselves set.

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