Acosta Embarrasses Trump With Severe Wednesday Fact-Check


Donald Trump spews his venom all over everyone he touches. There is a book out aptly named Everything Trump Touches Dies.  Today, the 45th president of the U.S. issued a threat that chills the bones.

One of Trump’s tactics has been to turn around whatever he has been accused of doing and drop the accusation on his competitors, or perceived competitors. Even though President Barack Obama has been out of office for over two and one-half years, Trump’s raw jealousy has been exposed as very much alive. Heck, Trump has still been competing with Senator John McCain, who died of cancer over a year ago.

CNN’s Jim Acosta just sent out a tweet showing the commander-in-chief’s threat, that his 2016 election fraud “goes right up to President Obama.” Acosta did a fact check, proving “no evidence of this:”

‘Trump on DOJ probe of 2016 election: “Maybe it goes right up to President Obama. I happen to think it does.” (Fact check: There is no evidence of this)’

Trump was the first to publicize the birther conspiracy theory claiming Obama was not born in the United States, so that he was an illegitimate holder of the highest office in the country. Of course, it was a lie that did not even begin to cover the sitting president’s raw racism.

Twitter world caught fire. Take a look at the responses below:

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