Clinton Trolls Trump With Wednesday Tweet To Impeachment Witness


Despite Donald Trump’s best efforts, Hillary Clinton remains a public figure making her voice heard on behalf of some of those working against the most out of control elements of his agenda. This week, following Congressional testimony from former top Trump administration Russia adviser Fiona Hill and former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, Clinton tweeted support of the women who’ve put themselves out there for more than ten hours at a time to shine some light on what Trump and his closest cronies would rather keep hidden away.

Each of them testified as part of House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry, which they launched following revelations about Trump attempting to get Ukraine to produce politically useful dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden. Widely circulated points of Hill’s testimony include that even now former Trump national security adviser John Bolton was concerned about the Ukraine scheme and asked her to alert National Security Council lawyers to what was going on, while Yovanovitch confirmed that Trump personally ordered her firing over completely baseless allegations that she was harboring some kind of antagonistic conspiracy against him.

Both Hill and Yovanovitch testified for more than ten hours each, according to reporter Bianna Golodryga’s observations.

Hillary Clinton quipped on Twitter:

‘Speaking of gutsy women…’

The specific phrase is a reference to a book that she co-authored with her daughter Chelsea, which she’s been promoting in a string of talk show appearances. Those chats have made news — Hillary herself insisted at one point on The View that Trump knows he’s an “illegitimate president” and much of his behavior can be explained as him freaking out in response.

In this case, Golodryga had originally written:

‘Both Hill and Yovanovitch testified for 10+ hours. At a time when there seems to be fewer and fewer role models in public service, these 2 women are outliers. And tough.’

The testimonies are particularly ironic considering the Trump administration’s passionately stated insistence that they wouldn’t be complying with the House impeachment inquiry at all. Thanks to former officials refusing to go along with that, the angry stance hasn’t exactly held up.

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