Italian P.M. Horrified As Trump Has Oval Office Impeachment Freakout


Donald Trump’s core is stone cold. MSNBC’s Katy Tur traveled with POTUS during his candidacy, and he revved up his rally followers to near violence. Then, he called Tur out by name. After being escorted out by security, she asked one of Trump’s aides whether he cares if “we get hurt.” The aide said no. Tur asked again, and got another “no.” Now, he makes this stunning statement.

It has always been difficult to relate to someone who has absolutely no empathy, no compassion. Yet, that is who Trump is. People have a really hard time getting their heads wrapped around that kind of individual, but they must.

POTUS had absolutely no compunction about turning our longtime heroic Kurd allies, who lost 11,000 soldiers fighting with us against ISIS, over to Turkey’s dictator. It has been an ethnic cleansing.

In an early morning meeting in the White House with the president of Italy and the press, the man in the Oval Office doubled down on his decision to abandon the Kurds in northern Syria. His chilling response on MSNBC was:

‘[Kurds are] no angels, by the way.

They’re Much safer now. They know how to fight.’

Then, the president continued, patting himself on the back for being “strategically brilliant:”

‘They don’t do so well without Americans. Wish them a lot of luck. It’s very simple. Trying to get Turkey to do the right thing. All U.S. soldiers removed from the Syrian border. The situation on the border strategically brilliant. Syria protecting Kurds. Russians hate ISIS. They’re over there fighting ISIS. Our soldiers are in a very safe location. ‘

Even the Republicans closest to Trump have been alarmed that the president could pick up the phone to talk to Erdogan, then undo years of diplomatic efforts. The world was appalled:

‘As a Turk, i will defend “kurds” against this speech of Trump! You can’t blame millions of innocent Kurds living in peace in the region. You should say our ally PKK/YPG terrorists are not angels. Then i can say YES, they are the real DEVILS of middle east!’

‘Trump says Kurds are ‘no angels,’ after US allies helped defeat Isis.’

‘President Trump in Oval Office: “If turkey goes into Syria it is between Turkey and Syria. It’s not our problem”‘

‘Per pool, Trump described the Kurds as “no angels.” Your regular reminder that the Kurds were our allies in the fight against ISIS — which Trump has taken full credit for eradicating.’

Trump on Turkey/Syria via @colvinj: “All American soldiers are away from the site. Syria and Turkey can fight…They’ve got a lot of sand over there…“There’s a lot of sand that they can play with.”‘

Trump says the Kurds, who lost roughly 11,000 people in Syria during the U.S.-led campaign against ISIS, are “no angels” (via @justinsink)’

Twitter world cried out. Check out these responses:


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