Pelosi Ends W.H. Meeting After Trump Suffers Emotional Collapse


Donald Trump apparently does not handle pressure well. Actually, he does not even handle someone telling him “no” well. This is what a presidential meltdown looks like.

The 45th president just started yelling at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in front of congressional leaders. She and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) were at the White House at Trump’s invitation to discuss the situation in Syria, where Trump unleashed Turkey’s military on the Kurdish people in a bloody ethnic cleansing.

POTUS said there might be communists involved, and the Democrats might like that. When he berated Pelosi, the Democrats left the meeting, because it clearly was not productive. Yet, that was just one incident as Trump unspiraled today.

In an early-morning meeting with the president of Italy, Trump said that the Kurds “were no angels,” they could “take care of themselves,” and “there’s a lot of sand there they can play with.”

The president has been at the wrong end of an impeachment investigation stick. Then, the career government officials began to peel off and testify in front of the House impeachment hearings.

Even the commander-in-chief’s ally in the Senate, Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced that he would become the president’s “worst nightmare,” should Trump not reverse course. Trump responded, according to Axios:

‘Lindsey Graham would like to stay in the Middle East for the next 1,000 years with thousands of soldiers fighting other people’s wars. I wanna get out of the Middle East. I think Lindsey should focus right now on Judiciary, like the Democrats — the do-nothing Democrats as I call them because they’re doing nothing, they’re getting nothing done. They’re not getting USMCA done between Canada, the United States and Mexico. They’re getting nothing done.’

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