Pelosi Updates FaceBook/Twitter Profile Pic To Troll Trump Wednesday Night


Today has been, well, INSANE at the White House, to say the least, with a Trump press conference that left the entire world baffled and a W.H. meeting between Trump and Democrats ending with a meltdown from the Russian Agent-in-Chief that had Speaker Pelosi seething! She was definitely not happy and didn’t hide her feelings while speaking to the press after storming out of the meeting room.

It may seem as though Trump got the better of them today, causing the meeting to be cut short, but don’t worry — Nancy made a point to show us how she handled the raging lunatic and posted a photo on her official Facebook page of what that meeting room really looked like, trolling Trump hard in the process.

The significance of this photo was not lost on the Facebook crowd either. Check out some of the responses!

You know who else had something to say about her picture? I’ll bet you can guess… Yep. He tried to turn it around and say it was Nancy having the meltdown, and even resorted to calling her “sick” and asked people to “pray for her.” He’s disgusting!

Check out the reaction:

Featured image via Twitter