Trump Suffers Wednesday Night Multi-Tweet Conniption Fit (IMAGES)


In case you missed it, earlier today was pretty nuts on Capitol Hill. House Democrats tried to sit and have a rational conversation with our Criminal-in-Chief, which of course went south, ending with a Trump meltdown of epic proportions. Nancy then trolled Trump pretty hard by posting an epic photo of her standing over him, giving him a piece of her mind during that meeting. The Facebook crowd had a LOT to say about that photo, which you can read about here.

You know who else had something to say about her picture? I’ll bet you can guess… Yep. He tried to turn it around and say it was Nancy having the meltdown, and even resorted to calling her “sick” and asked people to “pray for her.” He’s disgusting!

Check out the reaction:

We’re pretty sure he fooled no one… 😉

Featured image via screenshot.