Images Of Empty Sections At Trump Rally Released (IMAGES)


Mr. Trump arrived in Dallas, Texas, on Thursday for a campaign rally at the American Airlines Center. The president still maintains an advantage in the southern red state.

However, Mr. Trump’s popularity seemed to dwindle at this rally. In the arena, he was met with empty seats and big chunks of empty spaces in a place that seats 20,000. Tweets from inside the arena show the reality.

It goes without saying though that any camera man that wants to paint Trump in a good light would focus on close-ups of the actual crowd in attendance, giving off the impression that the size is greater than it is.

The reality is that Trump is there because his grip is slipping. If he doesn’t win Texas in the election, he would likely lose. Democrats have made gains in recent elections and Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s Senate run illustrated that although he lost, he did amazingly well in an ultra conservative state.

According to Southern Methodist University political science professor Cal Jillison:

‘We saw the Democrats win two Texas Republican=held House seats and 12 Texas House seats. So Trump knows he’s going to have to work hard to turn out his base because his base isn’t as solid as it was for previous Republican presidents.’

Even back in June before the Ukraine scandal, polls were showing support for Trump in Texas declining. One Newsweek poll found that less than 40% of Texans would vote to re-elect Trump.

The latest national polls show that 55% disapprove of the job Trump is doing in office. Currently, the polls in Texas are encouraging for Democrats in that at least two of the candidates are leading Trump – former Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (TX).

O’Rourke held a rally at the same time as Trump’s which took place about ten minutes away in Grand Prairie.

According to KHOU 11:

‘O’Rourke says he raised $4.5 million during the three-month period through September, outpacing his lackluster second-quarter total but still far less than he got at the whirlwind start of his 2020 campaign.

‘The former Texas congressman’s campaign says it saw donations soar after the last Democratic presidential debate in Houston, when O’Rourke declared “Hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15, your AK-47.” That was a reference to a mandatory buyback of assault-style weapons that he’s proposed.’

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube