Photo Evidence Connects Florida Governor To Giuliani/Ukraine Thugs


Well, what do you know? Trump’s TV attorney and fixer Rudy Giuliani and his band of merry thugs are bleeding their corruption all over the place. The two men were arrested last week, and now it comes out that they knew a few other Republican politicians — very well.

Governor-elect for Florida Ron DeSantis said that he had no idea who the two Soviet-born crooks were. There was just one problem. New photographs have emerged showing DeSantis hugging Lev Parnas at his victory party. Then, he turned and hugged Igor Fruman.

The FBI arrested the two men on charges of campaign finance violations. So far, Giuliani has not been indicted. The Tampa Bay Times discovered previously unpublished interesting photographs, though.

At first, the governor’s spokesperson Helen Aguirre Ferre said that DeSantis claimed that the two men were just campaign donors. She said DeSantis probably did not know them, but if he did, the governor did not know them well at all. Funny, they donated $50,000 to his gubernatorial race.

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A former Republican associate of DeSantis while there were in Congress, David Jolly said:

‘Ukrainian businessmen don’t give the governor $50,000 because they support his Everglades policy. From a candidate’s perspective, you know who is giving you $50,000. Usually it leads to personal interaction on multiple occasions with the donor, it allows for instant recognition when you see that person in a crowd. But it also means inclusion in consequential moments like election night. This begs further inquiry.’

Then, Ferre admitted Fruman and Parnas may have been at GOP events for the 2018 elections but:

‘[DeSantis] does not have a relationship with these individuals.]

It was only four days after that statement that photos and videos of these criminals at DeSantis’ victory party began emerging.

Even so, she played down Parnas and Fruman. When reporters asked her about the men in the photos, she responded that the party was “open to the public.”

That was clearly untrue, because the photos show Parna’s badge reading “official guest.” They were also seen in photos at other Tampa Bay area campaign functions. Later, Ferre amended her comment to “donors were likely invited” by the campaign.

Giuliani and the two men’s nefarious activities hit the news in relationship to Donald Trump’s illegal efforts in Ukraine. Then, DeSantis finally admitted that he knew Parnas:

‘I knew Parnas. I didn’t know the other guy as much.’

The investigation that included these two foreign-born naturalized citizens also uncovered that the men made allegedly illegal political contributions to Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), too. They also spent money on campaigns in Texas and $10,000 for a Republican governor candidate and attorney general in Nevada.

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DeSantis raised $213,000 from a businessman and Trump supporter. The businessman’s company:

‘[R]eportedly aided unscrupulous debt collectors and phone sex sites for people with rape fantasies. His Republican primary opponent Adam Putnam demanded the donations be returned. DeSantis did not respond.’

Another Trump friend Elliot Broidy was one of DeSantis’ largest fundraisers. Broidy paid $1.6 million in hush money to his mistress. The Playboy former model was pregnant. In addition, Broidy may have illegally lobbied for Middle East countries.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube.

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