Trump Jr. Tweets Whiny Friday Response To Protestors & Regrets It Fast


Donald Trump Jr. would really like people to take him seriously, although it’s just not happening. This Friday, he complained on Twitter about an ad placed in Times Square that shows his dad — President Donald Trump — tied up in front of the White House as a storm looms overhead. He complained that the ad campaign hadn’t been given as much airtime as an edited video made to tell a story of Trump Sr. killing journalists — and many people promptly chimed in noting that they didn’t care and the Times Square billboard seems great to them.

Including a photo of the billboard on display and a close-up of the imagery itself, Trump Jr. whined:

‘Hey @NYTimes and MSM. Since you had time to thoroughly cover a stupid and tasteless meme seen by 8 people with incredible outrage, I figured you should dedicate the same time and outrage to THIS BILLBOARD IN TIMES SQUARE you hypocrites! Unless of course you’re just full of shit.’

Let’s be clear — the “stupid and tasteless meme” that Trump Jr. is referring to was celebrating the idea of murdering journalists. It was an edited clip from a Kingsman movie in which a character executes a shoot-out in a church, and the shooting character’s head had an edited image of Trump placed on it and those he targeted had media logos edited onto their faces. While the video may have been meant as some kind of exhibit of the “lay of the land” when it comes to memes — the implication is clear. To its backers, murdering journalists is “funny.”

Meanwhile, the ad campaign that Trump Jr. is up in arms about doesn’t have anyone dying, for one. The work of the clothing brand Dhvani, it’s apparently meant as a protest against the Trump administration’s “gag rule” barring federally funded family planning services from referring patients for abortions. That rule change made Planned Parenthood have to leave the federal funding program, although just to be clear, they provide many crucial health services to low income people besides abortion. But Trump and his cronies didn’t care.

Check out Twitter’s response to Trump Jr…