Army Captain Goes Postal On Trump For Ditching Kurds (VIDEO)


The president is on everyone’s list these days, but military members in particular seem to be extra agitated with the commander-in-chief. Earlier Saturday, General Barry McCaffrey spoke out on MSNBC about Donald Trump’s treatment of General Mattis, comparing Trump to Macaulay Culkin’s character in the 90’s cult classic movie Home Alone.

Now, an army national guard captain is chiming in on the president’s recent behavior. Captain Alan Kennedy said this about the president’s decision to abandon our Kurdish allies in Syria. Kennedy said this:

“Weeks ago, our commander in chief announced he was pulling our last troops out of the region. Ever since, I haven’t been able to sleep at night.”

“Our complete withdrawal from Syria is unstrategic, immoral and ultimately un-American. I can’t believe President Trump let this happen. … I strongly believe the president’s decision may prolong a war, rather than end it.”

Kennedy continued in the NY Times opinion piece video:

“I met a Kurdish fighter who asked me if the U.S. would ever leave Syria. I reassured him, ‘Of course the U.S. would never leave Syria and abandon the Kurds.’ They’re our partners. I was wrong.”

People responding to the NY Times’ tweet had this to say about the video directed at Trump: