Decorated General Compares Trump To Kevin McCallister (VIDEO)


You know you have ruined your life when decorated military generals are taking time out of their much deserved retirement to inform the world of how crooked you are as president. That’s exactly where Donald Trump is, and former General Barry McCaffrey is just one example of how far we have stooped as a nation.

McCaffrey went on MSNBC Saturday morning to defend James Mattis after the president attacked him, informing Trump that Mattis was a respected member of the military and that his badmouthing of him would not be received well.

McCaffrey said this:

“It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Mattis is in a special category, he resigned in writing over principal, he didn’t want to get down in the mud to continue the exchange with Mr. Trump.”

That is when McCaffrey brought up the letter Trump wrote to Turkish leader Ergodan, comparing the president to fictional character Kevin McCallister in the 1990’s Christmas classic Home Alone.

This is what McCaffrey said:

“At the end of the day what we’re seeing is a total breakdown in the national security process. This is Mr. Trump, home alone, writing letters to President Erdogan. that are almost comical.”

Check out the interview via YouTube below: