Trump Goes On Early AM Retweet Spree Over Impeachment ‘COUP!’


The president has a hard time with reality. He utters nonsense every single time he opens his mouth, especially when he’s under some sort of investigation, which has been pretty much his entire presidency. The moment Donald Trump won the 2016 election, Democrats knew they had their work cut out for them, but no one anticipated where this movement would take society.

Trump’s minions, who refuse to pull support regardless of the countless indictments and allegations against Trump and the people who work(ed) for him, will not give up their endeavors to make Trump a two-term president, but that is just something that the country couldn’t take.

In just three years, the nation has dipped backwards in time, making Trump’s followers a less well-dressed version of racists in the civil rights era. Donning their hideous MAGA hats and waving their Trump banners, these people have caused American society to waver.

The president just proved how goofy his supporters are by retweeting a bunch of videos of an obviously unemployed bunch storming into Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi’s offices to interrupt people who actually contribute to society.

This is what the president tweeted:

Below are some of the reactions people had to Trump’s morning retweet-fest: