Mike Pompeo Caught Like Deer In Headlights When Cornered


Members of Donald J. Trump’s administration seemingly don’t understand how much trouble the president is in. Richard Nixon’s officials would have jumped ship long before now, but the fact that Trump hasn’t been impeached after three years of ethics violations and felonies has this administration thinking they are untouchable.

Mike Pompeo made the epic mistake of going on ABC’s This Week Sunday morning, and what happened during his appearance in no way helped the president out.

In the segment, Pompeo defended Mick Mulvaney’s admission that the Trump Administration committed quid pro quo when they refused to give Ukraine federal aid unless Ukraine investigated the DNC email server.

Mulvaney claimed it happens all the time.

Mulvaney quickly retracted the comment, saying that’s not what he meant, but the damage was already done.

Pompeo’s defense of these remarks is laughable. This is what Pompeo just said:

“The conversation was always around what were the strategic implications.”

“The people in Ukraine are safer as a result of that,. And the Russians certainly don’t appreciate it.”

Pompeo then claimed that Mulvaney was speaking on a hypothetical situation, which is even more of a gas.

Pompeo also weighed in on Rudy Giuliani’s role in the Ukraine scandal, including being accused by former Ukrainian Ambassador, Maria Yovanovitch of getting her fired because she wouldn’t fall in line with the unethical behavior of the administration.

Pompeo continued:

“Private citizens are often part of executing American foreign policy. This is completely appropriate.”

“I will do everything I am required to do by law.”

Check out the interview below:

People responding to ABC’s tweet above had a lot to say about the crooked nature of Donald Trump’s administration. We have the best comments for you below via screenshot.