Mulvaney Goes On ‘Fox News Sunday’ & Makes Things Much Worse


Donald Trump and his Administration of merry idiots have gotten three years into the president’s first and only presidential term, and somehow, there are still many of them not in prison. Trump has had a rough week, including getting duped by Mick Mulvaney who admitted on camera, then quickly retracted claims that the president did, in fact, commit quid pro quo in withholding federal aid to the country unless the DNC was investigated.

The major blunder made Trump look completely incompetent, as well as guilty, so it was pretty surprising when Mulvaney showed his face on Chris Wallace’s show Sunday morning.

In the segment, Wallace played a video of Mulvaney admitting that the president had, in fact, tried to extort the nation of Ukraine into giving him information on Democrats in exchange for their aid.

Wallace accuses Mulvaney of “flinching” when he folded, to which Mulvaney shot back:

“That’s not what I said, that’s what people said I said. Here’s what I said… there were two reasons that we held up the aid.”

Wallace responded to Mulvaney by basically calling him a liar:

“I believe that anyone listening to what you said in that briefing room can come to one conclusion.”

Mulvaney, panicking, exclaims:

“Go back and watch what I said before that.”

Wallace then reminded Mulvaney of what he said one more time:

“You totally said that. You said what you said, and the fact is, after you had that exchange with [ABC’s] Jonathan Karl… you didn’t mention two conditions, you mentioned three conditions.”

That third condition was the Democratic email server situation.

Watch the interaction below:

People responding to Fox News’ tweet had a lot to say about the uncomfortable encounter. We saved the top responses for you below: