New 2020 Poll Holds Bad News For Trump In Key State


The 2020 presidential election is only getting closer, and President Donald Trump still seems to be heading only uphill with his re-election campaign. A new poll of Minnesota voters finds him huge losing margins behind a whole array of key Democratic presidential candidates, who all manage majorities of the support. The poll numbers illustrate that if Trump wants to hang onto the presidency, his available path to victory seems confined to defending his base from erosion rather than adding much of anybody new. Who’d newly want to get behind someone as off-the-rails as Trump anyway?

In the poll results, generally leading presidential candidate Joe Biden gets 50 percent of the support to only 38 percent for Trump, and pitted against the state’s Senator who’s in the race, Trump also gets 38 percent, but that Senator — Amy Klobuchar — gets a full 55 percent of the support. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders got 49 percent to Trump’s 41 percent, and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren got 51 percent while Trump only got 40 percent of the support.

Trump has been trying to garner support from people in Minnesota, having held a relatively high-profile rally there just recently. The lead-up to that Minneapolis-area rally even included some free national publicity for the event, since the Trump team decided to pick a fight with local authorities about how much that city services for the event would cost. Of course, they might as well have not even gone through those motions, since there are currently hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid bills spread out across the country in the wake of Trump rallies.

Republicans have in the past sought to pick up Minnesota. In 2008, the Republican National Committee held their presidential nominating convention there, at which time John McCain formally became the Republican presidential nominee. However, none of these efforts are working — the last time that the state’s electoral votes went to a Republican presidential candidate was when a majority of inhabitants voted for Richard Nixon. The situation seems unlikely to change anytime soon.

Currently, the situation in Minnesota is mirrored in national level polls, although if 2016 proved anything, it’s that these polls aren’t the end of the story. Still, Biden has an average lead of 6.9 percent, Warren has an average lead of 5.2 percent, and Sanders has an average lead of 5.3 percent. The three of them have been for awhile and remain the top three candidates in the Democratic presidential primary field. In the current numbers, no one else even cracks double digit levels of support.

Trump’s campaign strategy in the face of all of this seems to focus on posting all caps messages on Twitter.

This month, he posted:

The Do Nothing Democrats are Con Artists, only looking to hurt the Republican Party and President. Their total focus is 2020, nothing more, and nothing less. The good news is that WE WILL WIN!!!!’

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Just because you post four exclamation points in a row doesn’t mean that the thing you’re talking about will actually happen, Trump. He might even end up impeached before the 2020 election even gets here.

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