Top Trump Official Takes Defiant Stand Against Impeachment Inquiry


House Democrats are continuing with their formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, and now, yet another member of his administration has asserted that they will not be cooperating. Acting director of the White House Office of Management and Budget Russ Vought made the declaration on Twitter this Monday, and his declaration sets up yet another potential court battle between House Democrats and the Trump administration.

Responding to reporting about requests for testimony from House Dems, Vought complained on Twitter:

‘I saw some Fake News over the weekend to correct. As the WH letter made clear two weeks ago, OMB officials – myself and Mike Duffey – will not be complying with deposition requests this week. #shamprocess’

Duffey is an associate director at the budget office, whose leadership Mick Mulvaney abandoned when he became acting chief of staff at the White House. The list of officials with “acting” in front of their title goes well on from there, suggesting that the real “sham” in this situation doesn’t quite rest where Vought thinks it does. Can they not even pull themselves together enough to manage a higher number of formally confirmed and in-place officials?

Besides Vought and Duffey, Congressional investigators are still apparently looking for testimony this week from high-profile figures like current acting Ukraine Ambassador Bill Taylor, who took over following Trump abruptly firing Marie Yovanovitch. She’s already testified to Congress, to whom she confirmed that the president was personally behind her ouster, which he pushed on the basis of false accusations that she was harboring some kind of political conspiracy against him.

Others who investigators have already heard from include former Pompeo adviser and longtime State Department official Michael McKinley, former U.S. Special Envoy Kurt Volker, and E.U. Ambassador Gordon Sondland. These figures have pretty much all had condemning testimony against Trump — McKinley said he left over frustration with figures like Yovanovitch getting thrown under the bus, and even the Trump donor turned official Sondland flatly claimed he did not agree with Trump’s impeachment-sparking scheme to get dirt from Ukraine on the Bidens.

Check out Twitter’s response to Vought, whose assertion of defiance comes on the heels of Trump’s own White House counsel issuing a lengthy, rambling letter declaring a flat lockdown on cooperation with House Dems..