Trump Is Whining About His Doral/G7 Idea Like It Was Smart


Donald Trump was very upset that he had to withdraw the Trump National Doral resort from housing the 2020 G-7 Summit. He said he would do it “free.” Unfortunately for him, there was a big problem with what that actually meant.

He tweeted that his Miami resort “would have been the best place:”

‘Doral in Miami would have been the best place to hold the G-7, and free, but too much heat from the Do Nothing Radical Left Democrats & their Partner, the Fake News Media! I’m surprised that they allow me to give up my $400,000 Plus Presidential Salary! We’ll find someplace else!’

In his tweet, the president blamed the “Do Nothing Radical Left Democrats & their Partner, the Fake News Media!” The issue was not a matter of the Democrats or the media forbidding it. The Emoluments Clause in the Constitution forbids any president from receiving gifts or money from foreign governments.

As far as “free,” that was a matter of interpretation. Just filling his resort would give him a net gain. Plus, Trump can determine what the “at cost” hotel rooms or suites. In addition, there would have been all of the restaurant, banquet, and alcohol profits.

The Doral has been quite empty in June, one of the hottest months of the year in Florida. That would be in the middle of the hurricane season, too. The G-7 could bring in up to 7,000 individuals. That would include not only the leaders and their staffs. To begin with, there are the advance people, the security considerations, just to name a few.

In addition, the taxpayers would have had to cover a significant amount to improve the property’s security system, helipads, and suites. There would also be the promotional value, which would not be insignificant in spite of the president’s claim. That would be far from “free.”

Then, POTUS commented that he was “surprised” they let him “give up his $400,000 Plus Presidential Salary!” The president does give up his salary. However, his numerous trips to his golf resorts have been costing the taxpayer far in excess of his yearly salary.

Twitter world went nuts. Check out our favorites below:

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