Trump Jr. Attacks Trans Athlete On Twitter & Gets Torn To Shreds


The Trump men have a serious problem with anyone with a lifestyle outside of what society considered “normal” in the 1950’s. Trumps don’t evolve. Period. They pass down ignorance from one generation to the next, with no inkling of ever using their immense power for good.

Trump Jr. just went after a trans athlete on Twitter just because she is trans. According to the president’s eldest child, cyclist Rachel McKinnon is a fraud:

“You can never be woke enough! Sorry to all female athletes who spent their lives mastering their games. Transgender Cyclist Who Set Women’s World Record Wouldn’t Have Qualified For Men’s Championship.”

Some people on Twitter were actually in agreement with the transphobic remarks, undoubtedly Trump supporters, while others were disgusted with Junior’s blind hatred for a complete stranger.

We have all the top comments for you below via screenshot: