Trump Threatens To Remove NY Times & WaPo From WH Press Pool


The president hates the media. That’s not even something he pretends about, and he spends most of his life pretending. Trump has abused the press since before he was even elected to office, and has only ramped up his hatred for them in the three years serving as an alleged president of the United States.

Trump was sued by CNN in 2018 for barring Jim Acosta from the White House, infringing on his constitutional rights. Acosta’s press pass was eventually reinstated, but Trump has seemingly forgotten that what he did was a no-no because he just threatened to do it again.

This time, Trump’s target is the NY Times and Washington Post, who he says he is thinking about removing from the Press pool at the White House.

Trump said this during a Fox News interview Monday night:

“The media is corrupt. Not all the media. I know some great people, including you, but I know some great journalists. Look, they give Pulitzer Prizes to people that got it wrong. In all these people from The New York Times which is the fake newspaper, we don’t even want it in the White House anymore, and we’re probably going to terminate that and The Washington Post from the White House they are fake.”