Alec Baldwin Makes 2020 Campaign Announcement


Actor Alec Baldwin does a credible impression of Donald Trump on NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL). He also played numerous TV roles including 30 Rock. The actor has a long list of movies to his credit such as The Hunt for Red October and The Departed. More importantly, Baldwin is a political activist and may soon surprise a few Virginians.

Baldwin sits on the board of People for the American Way, according to The Richmond News. As such, he will show up at three campaign locations and join the volunteers. Imagine the look on people’s faces when he knocks on their doors.

The candidates that he will be supporting have been endorsed by People for the American Way’s Next Up Victory Fund. The advocacy group champions progressive candidates who have been running in state and local elections.

A press release from People for the American Way read:

‘His visit comes as Virginia prepares for pivotal state legislative elections that could flip the General Assembly to Democratic control, solidifying a major political shift in this once deep-red state. The state races are also seen as a warm-up for the 2020 elections and a gauge of voters’ views of the Trump administration.’

The actor will be knocking on doors in Chesterfield County in support of the candidate for Virginia Senate District 11 Amanda Pohl. He will also out there supporting the candidate for Virginia House District 28 Joshua Cole. Baldwin planned on volunteering on behalf of the candidate for Virginia Senate District 28 Qasim Rashid. Finally, he will knock on doors for the candidate for Fairfax County candidate for Virginia House District 40 Dan Helmer.

The Next Up Victory Fund has endorsed 40 candidates in Virginia alone.

Featured image is a screenshot via YouTube.