Susan Collins Surprises America & Publicly Rebukes Trump


Donald Trump made a huge, race-baiting, mistake quite intentionally Tuesday morning when he compared the impeachment inquiry proceedings to a lynching on Twitter. Lynching is a word most associated with the plight of black people in America, and so a white, rich, over-tanned, shallow, mogul should steer away from comparing anything he is going through to a hanging.

Trump said this on Twitter:

Really, bro?

Now, political pariah Susan Collins is speaking out against the president’s use of the word lynching to describe the inquiry into his impeachable offenses. Collins said this Tuesday:

People responding to Collins’ tweet were not having her attempt to remain relevant, and let her know exactly how unwelcome her opinion is, no matter how correct she is. It’s safe to say Collins’ career is cooked thanks to her support of alleged rapist Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice.

Check out what people said to Collins below: