Trump Fires Off Erratic Weaponized Twitter Bombs Tuesday


The more disturbed Donald Trump becomes at events surrounding him, the more he tweets. His people follow him around, frantically trying to clean up the messes he creates when he fires off his little weaponized Twitter bombs.

The impeachment inquiry has POTUS really rattled. His tweets were all over the place. He tried to demean House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with a slur nickname, urging her to move faster:

‘Can’t believe that Nervous Nancy Pelosi isn’t moving faster on USMCA. Her people want it, they don’t know why she isn’t putting it up for a bipartisan vote. Taking too long!’

Then, the commander-in-chief went after another of his perceived enemies, the Democrats:

“The Democrats are trying to draw out this inquiry because they don’t have the support. Donald Trump is guilty only of winning the 2016 Election.”’

Next, Trump retweeted an NPR tweet that said “immigration hardliners” wanted Ken Cuccinelli. However, the president cannot install him as DHS Secretary a professor at the University of Texas School of Law Stephen Vladeck said, according to The Washington Examiner:

‘Any incoming acting secretary would need to be the natural next in line, like a deputy, be previously Senate-confirmed for another job, or have been working at the department 90 days of the 365 days prior to the last confirmed secretary’s departure.

‘Cuccinelli does not meet the first two requirements and was installed at USCIS in June; therefore, he did not work any days prior to Kirstjen Nielsen’s resignation in April. Any time worked under McAleenan is irrelevant because McAleenan was not nominated and confirmed as secretary.’

Regardless, Trump retweeted it:

‘Immigration Hardliners Fight For Cuccinelli To Be Next DHS Secretary : (sic) NPR’

The president also retweeted Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere’s tweet about lowering drug prices:

‘@RepKevinBrady @virginiafoxx, & @repgregwalden: “We can lower drug prices for seniors, workers, and families to help the American people if we work together; it does not have to be this way, Madame Speaker.”‘

Trump cannot wait to get a vote on the impeachment inquiry. Of course, Speaker Pelosi had no intention of being pushed around:

‘Pelosi & co. refuse to bring their inquiry to a vote because they have no serious interest in searching out truth and justice. They’re simply on “a quest to impeach the president, regardless of what the truth may be or what is just,” Rep. Biggs writes.’

Then, POTUS gave himself a pat on the back for the “wage gains:”

‘Results that speak for themselves: Wage gains under President @realDonaldTrump have eclipsed growth under the past two administrations, multiple times over.’

Of course, Trump had to retweet a tweet about first daughter Ivanka Trump “empowering half the world’s population.” Oddly, he made no comment:

‘”Empowering half the world’s population to flourish in the market economy is the best way to boost growth.”’

After that, the president complimented Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) on a “tech corridor:”

‘Great Job Tim!’

Trump’s alter ego stepped in to invite the public to “enjoy the beautiful White House Gardens:”

‘Fall is here! Come enjoy the beautiful White House Garden tours this weekend! Thank you to [email protected] for taking such good care of our historic grounds.’

It was not clear whether POTUS’ alter ego wrote this tweet about women astronauts. He did not like being corrected during his call to them:

‘“You’re doing an incredible job,” says @POTUS to @Astro_Christina and @Astro_Jessica during today’s #AllWomanSpacewalk. Tune in to watch history in the making:’

Twitter world lit up. Take a look at some of our favorites below:

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