Arrest Warrant Issued For Ilhan Omar’s GOP Challenger


Minnesota’s newest Congress member Ilhan Omar (D) has had more than her fair share of grief, particularly from Donald Trump. She is a member of the self-described “Squad,” along with three other freshman women. POTUS has been carrying out a racist attack against them, but then something interesting occurred.

Danielle Stella (R) announced her challenge against Omar in Minneapolis, which she described as, according to The City Pages:

‘[T]he crime capital of our country.’

Stella announced her run. Then, the Republican woman was caught shoplifting at an Edina, Minnesota Target store. She was arrested on felony charges for more than one instance. It seemed that she had taken several thousand dollars in merchandise.

According to the complaint, she has had “anxiety around people,” which seemed like an unfortunate issue for someone running for Congress. The charges read:

‘[She] says that normally she goes to Target with someone because of anxiety around people.’

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The candidate failed to appear in court to face those charges. As a result, the court issued a bench warrant for her immediate arrest.

Court documents indicated that Stella said she had no memory of the events, because she has had post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). She had indicated that she would get her situation under control and prove her innocence.

Authors of the blog Danielle Stella Exposed went to the courthouse but waited for hours to no avail. She never showed.

The site posted this comment:

‘Even her lawyer and the psychiatrist didn’t show up. So what the hell is going on?’

Stella has also apparently supported the Q-anon conspiracy group and attacked her opponent Omar repeatedly. She even crashed one of her events.

Screen-Shot-2019-10-23-at-11.30.01-AM Arrest Warrant Issued For Ilhan Omar's GOP Challenger Corruption Crime Domestic Policy Donald Trump Featured Feminism Me Too Politics Racism Sexism Top Stories Women's Rights

Stella has been tweeting nonstop, regardless. She was continuing to retweet the president’s tweets and posting about ANTIFA, Omar, and other Democratic representatives.

The Daily Kos described her in this way:

‘Trump-loving, conspiracy theorist, Danielle Stella is challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) in Minnesota’s 5th District. Part of her platform is a robust anti-crime stance…She has in the past complained that local police were “overworked and overburdened” and said that, if elected, she would work to reduce crime.’

The candidate has a more-than-passing interest in Q-Anon:

‘This conspiracy theory collective believes Trump has a secret plan to root out the “deep state”. And take out a worldwide network of satanic pedophiles — comprising, among others, Hollywood elites and top Democrat politicians. In response to an inquiry by Right Wing Watch, “Heather” from Stella’s campaign website said she “stands 100% behind the principles of patriotism, unity/inclusiveness (WWG1WGA!)* and love for country that Qanon promotes.”‘


The “Squad” consists of four Democratic congresswomen, according to CNN:

‘Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts — have not only been the focus of intense scrutiny and criticism from Trump and Republicans, but they’ve even sparred with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in their drive to move the Democratic Party leftward.’

The candidate was not available for comment. Neither was her attorney. The prosecutor for the court Lori Schwartz refused to address the matter, too.

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