BREAKING: Wilbur Ross Under Investigation By National Archives


Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is under new investigation Thursday morning after suspicious circumstances surrounding his use of an email server drew questions from The National Archives. Investigation details claim that Ross used his personal email for government business.

According to POLITICO:

The inquiry was triggered by an unflattering profile of Ross last month in the Washington Post, which cited government-related emails the watchdog group Democracy Forward received from Ross’ private account. The group obtained the messages through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Archives official Laurence Brewer wrote the following letter to the Commerce’s Chief Information Officer Jennifer Jessup:

In court documents filed Wednesday night, Justice Department lawyers state that the Commerce Department “should not be required to conduct a direct search of Ross’ personal email accounts even though searches of Commerce Department accounts found 280 email chains over a 16-month period that contained references to one of more of the four private accounts he used.”

Commerce attorney Michael Cannon says that Ross is not completely to blame here because he had asked those communicating with him to email him on his official line:

“On multiple occasions, the Secretary…directed the initial email sender to use his official government email address on future communications regarding agency business.”

Justice Department attorney Johnny Walker said that:

“Even if the Secretary did occasionally use a personal email account in connection with agency business, those communications are documented in the files already produced.”

“At issue here is whether Commerce must access and search a high-level official’s personal email account for merely duplicative emails. It should not.”