New Mexico City Wants Trump To Pay His Rally Bill


The president simply does not like to pay his bills. He thinks he can get things for free because he’s rich, and most of the time, that is true. But since becoming president, Trump has gotten some seriously rude awakenings. Now, people want the money he owes them. Before he was POSTUS, we could just turn off the television or radio if he wanted to keep Trump out of our lives. Now, he is forced into our lives in so many ways it’s mind boggling.

The city of Albuquerque just sent Trump a bill to the tune of $211,000 for a rally he held in Rio Rancho in September.

According to The Albuquerque Journal:

Though his Sept. 16 stump speech took place in Rio Rancho, several public agencies, including the city of Albuquerque, aided with manpower and resources.

The Albuquerque Police Department incurred $71,242 in expenses to provide “1,528 hours of additional police coverage required by the campaign visit,” according to an Oct. 17 letter the city included with the invoice.

Mayor Tim Keller said this:

“Our resources for law enforcement are critical and limited. The President’s campaign stop in the Albuquerque area cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, including over 1,500 hours of police overtime that was required by the campaign,” Mayor Tim Keller said in a written statement. “We are asking the Trump campaign to pay our taxpayers back for the costs from his campaign stop.”

A spokesperson for that mayor said that the reason Democratic candidates don’t get huge bills is basically because trump is more of a diva who puts demands on the city. According to the spokesperson, other candidates have “not required any assistance from the city.”

Sheriff spokesperson Felicia Maggard reported to the media the following:

“At the request of the Secret Service and local agencies, BCSO provided assistance to maintain public safety and order in the metro area during the Presidential visit.”

County spokesman Tom Thorpe explains that presidential events are bill differently than campaign events:

“If it were an official presidential visit, you don’t bill for that kind of thing. It was campaign (related). That makes it different.”

New Mexico State Police spokesman Lt. Mark Soriano said this:

“We have never requested reimbursement for any presidential visit. We work closely with our federal law enforcement partners to create a safe event for both our citizens of New Mexico and dignitaries.”

Rio Rancho spokeswoman Annemarie García said the following in an email to The Journal:

“The Trump campaign verbally told staff that they would only pay for costs associated with the event occurring inside the venue. Any other costs that the City incurred determining what would be the best for the health, safety and welfare of its citizens was not part of the agreement and would be paid for by the City,”