Acosta Trolls Trump On Twitter During Cummings Funeral


Jim Acosta is one of the president’s most hated enemies. Acosta has stood up to the president more than any other member of the media so far, and a fight with the president in 2018 made Acosta a household name. One minute, he’s a favorite among people loyal to CNN, and the next minute he’s hated by half the country because the president of the United States is tweeting about him.

Acosta definitely tweets back, however, and he must know that The Donald can’t stop himself from watching his Twitter feed on a daily basis. This is what Acosta trolled Trump with today during Elijah Cummings’ funeral services:

People responding to Acosta online know the history between he and the president and are always happy to see the veteran journalist hit Trump where it hurts. The ego. Check out some of what people were saying in the comment thread of Acosta’s tweets below: