National Security Council Official Ignores Bully Trump


Donald Trump has done everything in his power to obstruct the investigations into his questionable at best activities. He’s been informed numerous times about obstruction of justice, but is virtually left with no other choice. If he sits idly by, he will be impeached, but if he makes a ruckus about a fake news witch hunt and convinces half the nation that Democrats are out to get them, he could cause trouble like this country hasn’t seen in a very long time.

Civil war type trouble..

A member of the National Security Council has just agreed to testify regardless of the pressure the White House put on him to remain quiet.

According to POLITICO:

“Tim Morrison, a National Security Council official who has been identified as a witness to one of the most explosive pieces of evidence unearthed by House impeachment investigators, plans to testify Thursday even if the White House attempts to block him.”

The president is used to having a team of people who play ball with whatever he tells them to do, blindly following his every whim despite seeing him turn on those loyal to him once they no longer serve a purpose to him.

These people are special.

Morrison is not one of those mindless zombies, however, and his attorney Barbara Van Gelder just told the press that:

“If subpoenaed, Mr. Morrison plans to appear for his deposition.”

Morrison is one of many officials who have ignored Trump’s requests, but he is the only one to testify while still working for the president. Morrison was also the first subpoenaed official who was listening in on Trump’s summer call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

POLITICO continues:

Morrison was also a crucial figure identified Tuesday by Trump’s ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, as a witness to Trump’s effort to withhold military aid from Ukraine in order to bend Zelensky to his will.

Taylor testified about a conversation Morrison told him he’d witnessed. That conversation took place between Trump’s E.U. ambassador Gordon Sondland and a top Ukrainian politician. Taylor testified that Morrison told him he heard Sondland tell the Ukrainian official that their federal aid was being withheld until Ukraine opened an investigation into the 2016 election and Joe Biden.

Another damning statement Taylor testified to was that Sondland had told Morrison about a conversation he had with Trump. According to Taylor, Morrison says the president advised Zelensky to make a public announcement of the investigation instead of leaving it to lesser politicians.

Sondland had just testified days before, but upon hearing what Bill Taylor had to say, Democrats are asking Sondland to return for a second testimony. The president will likely block that testimony.