Trump Compares Impeachment To Cops Killing Blacks (VIDEO)


The president is in South Carolina Friday, where he is speaking in front of students at Benedict College. There’s just one problem. He only allowed seven students to watch his speech.

According to The State:

“Hours before the event is about to begin, the shroud of mystery surrounding who will get to attend President Donald Trump’s speech Friday afternoon on the criminal justice system — taking place at a historically black college in South Carolina — is beginning to lift.

According to the White House, there are approximately 300 tickets total to the invitation-only event, dubbed the 2019 Second Step Presidential Justice Forum by the White House.”

The other people in attendance were “friends of the administration,” meaning, the president invited his friends to listen to him speak at a black college about how similar the fake news impeachment witch hunt is to the plight on black people historically.

According to CNN:

Speaking at the historically black Benedict College in South Carolina, President Trump seemingly likened the impeachment inquiry — which he views as unfair — to the unfair treatment African Americans have faced at the hands of the criminal justice system.

Describing his “own experience” with unfair treatment, Trump said he is now facing “an investigation in search of a crime.”

Really, though?

Watch the entire speech below:

Check out the reaction to Trump’s visit on Twitter below: