Two Top Republicans Just Publicly Betrayed Trump (IMAGE)


Trump is not going to like this in the slightest, but new photos coming out of Elijah Cummings’ funeral services being held Friday show two top Republicans, including one of them sworn to go down with the Trump ship in extreme enjoyment of Obama’s eulogy to the late civil rights icon.

Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan were sitting in the audience when Obama was eulogizing Cummings, even taking swipes at Trump in his own special Obama way. But it’s the looks on their faces that will send Trump into a tizzy. Check out the pure happiness exuding from the two staunch Republicans.

The people on Twitter agree that this is the last thing that Trump wants to see happening at a political even that he was neither welcome at, nor bothered to consider attending. We saved all the top reactions from people regardless of their opinions.

See them below: