Major Giuliani Tongue-Slip On Twitter Has Trump Seeing Red


Rudy Giuliani should have been ordered to stop speaking a long time ago, but the fact that he hasn’t is a clear indication that Donald Trump is mentally unfit to run his own affairs, let alone the entire nation’s. Appearance after appearance, Giuliani makes Trump look more guilty that his already had, and for some reason, he never gets that call saying, “maybe back off the interviews for a while, bud.”

It will never be understood.

The buffoonery taking place at the top made another appearance Saturday when Giuliani tweeted that there was no evidence of Trump’s crimes.. Yet.

This is what Giuliani tweeted:

The tweet says:

The impeachment inquiry is nakedly political, and so far there’s no public evidence of high crimes.

He’s dead serious too, which has people in the comments quite amused at the stumblings of this tired old man, seemingly driven by pure evil.

Giuliani was once the most respected mayor in the country. To fall from that height takes a monumental event. Something happened, and now, the very district that Giuliani used to represent is investigating him.

Check out some of the top responses to Giuliani’s tweet below: