Horrific Mass Shooting Hits 12 People During Weekend Event


Shots rang out late Saturday night during a party that some Texas A&M University-Commerce students attended. A school fraternity rented the space for the event in Greenville, Texas, which is about 50 miles northeast of Dallas, Texas. A manhunt has been on for the gunman.

He opened fire at a homecoming party, killing at least two, and a minimum of 14 were injured. The police have been hampered, because the witnesses have refused to help them find the shooter.

Around 750 people attended the party, and approximately 90 percent of those in attendance were “in their teens or early 20s.” The gunman apparently shot one specific individual before opening fire on the entire party.

Among the injured, 12 received gunshot wounds. The other injured had been hurt during their escape through the venue’s windows. Either four or five of the victims were A&M students, according to CNN:

‘Developing: Mass Shooting at Texas A&M Commerce College Homecoming. Scene is secure but murder is still at large as of 1:28am. At least 3 killed 20+ injured. Will Update when we can.

‘What a nightmare, when will it be enough.’

A video showed a large police presence near the event’s rented space. The owner of the building told CNN that a Texas A&M University-Commerce fraternity had rented the space.

A group called Good Fellows organize the party. Some of its members were also Texas A&M students. However, the university did not sanction the event.

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Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks responded to reporters, saying that his efforts to locate the shooter have been impeded by witnesses’ reticence:

‘It appalls me that, as many folks that were there, (they) have not been able to give us a better description of this shooter. Due to the many different descriptions being provided by those in attendance at that party, we unfortunately do not have any solid suspect information to provide at this time.’

The sheriff has urged parents of the students to come forward if they have any information, and he continued his press briefing:

‘When the shots were fired it was complete chaos as people fled for safety and deputies attempted to locate the shooter.’

According to the police, they have spoken to 20 witnesses and:

‘[N]one of them (has) given us a good description of the shooter or who they think he may be,” Meeks said. There are no surveillance cameras at the venue, either.’

Meeks continued:

‘It was packed. It gave the opportunity for this shooter to be able to accomplish whatever he wanted to accomplish. When you have this many people in one place, it’s an easy target for somebody and then we just had one security guard there. There’s no way he could control everything that went on.’

Chief Deputy Buddy Oxford said “the FBI and Rangers” are involved:

‘The FBI and Texas Rangers are assisting in the investigation.’

Screen-Shot-2019-10-27-at-10.40.29-AM Horrific Mass Shooting Hits 12 People During Weekend Event Corruption Crime Domestic Policy Election 2020 Featured Gun Control National Security NRA Shooting Top Stories

Texas A&M University-Commerce released a statement:

‘Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families, and friends of those affected by this morning’s shooting in Greenville.’

A&M’s police department tweeted about “an event” about 20 minutes outside of Greenville, Texas:

‘[That] may or not have involved students.’

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