Trump Flees World Series After Banners/Signs Dominate TV Screen Coverage


On Sunday night, Trump made an appearance at Game 5 of the World Series. Normally, this is where a normal “president” would throw out the first pitch to adoring fans, but Trump didn’t want to throw the ball. Trump also doesn’t have many adoring fans left, especially not in D.C., and they made themselves known at Sunday’s games with epic boos, chants of “LOCK HIM UP!” and also signs in support of impeachment.

Check these out:

Someone even managed to sneak in an “IMPEACH TRUMP” sign, which stayed up long enough to get shared over and over on social media before security took it down.

We love the comments, too:

Because Trump was too much of a wuss to throw out the first pitch, the honor was instead given to renowned and beloved Chef Jose Andres, who has no love lost for Trump. This twitter user summed up my thoughts pretty well!

One thing is for certain. Trump won’t forget this night anytime soon, and neither will the rest of us!

Featured image via screenshot.