World Series Crowd Chants ‘LOCK HIM UP!’ After Trump Shown On Big Screen


The Washington Nationals brought the world series back to DC, but Trump refuses to throw out the first pitch because the kevlar vest will make him look “too heavy.”

John Leguizamo makes a pretty great point:

So we didn’t get to see him make a complete ass of himself trying to throw a ball, but we did get SOME satisfaction out of his appearance there tonight – the entire stadium greeted him with raucous “BOOS” when he entered his presidential suite and we’re sure he won’t soon forget how that felt.  Especially when about an hour into the game, the crowd started chanting, “LOCK HIM UP!!” as he was introduced.

Incidentally, as one adept Twitter user points out, the Nat’s haven’t won a game since Trump said he was coming to game 5.

Check out what other Twitter users had to say. These are hilarious!

If the Nationals manage to pull off this win tonight, you just know Trump will take credit for it. Right now Houston is leading by 4, so it’s not looking good for them. I wonder if they are blowing it on purpose? Can’t say I blame them.

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