Chicago Police Chief Responds To Trump’s Monday Attack


Monday morning, Trump attacked the Chicago Police Department while speaking at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago. Trump ranted and raved about Obama’s hometown, even claiming that a single cop could solve Chicago’s crime in a day. The president also compared Chicago to Afghanistan, but that’s a whole other story.

Now, the Chief of Police is calling Trump out on his ignorant statement, and what he said has Trump feeling all kinds of dumb.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said this about Trump’s claims:

“Facts matter, and everyone in this room knows that. I’m exceptionally proud of the work being done by the 13,400 men & women of the Chicago Police Department and our partners in the communities that they serve. This administration has hurt many communities in Chicago, but CPS is here, & will always be here, to stand up for them.”

Johnson scoffed at the fact that the president of the United States would verbally attack the very same officers who were guarding him during his visit.

The irony was lost on Trump.

According to what Johnson told reporters, he laughed out loud when he heard Trump tell a story about a random encounter with an alleged cop who claimed he could fix the entire city in 24 hours.

Trump, being the dolt that he is, took this random stranger’s rant as solid gold, and then though it intelligent enough to share on national television in the city whose name he’s slandering.

Here’s Trump’s speech:

Johnson continued:

“As far as this mystery cop. I know that the interim superintendent at the time did an exhaustive search [for] this person. We were never able to identify him. And we spent a lot of time trying to identify this person.”

“That person doesn’t exist. Nobody, nobody would claim that they said that to him.”


Not only did Trump get called out for lying, but the police just announced that they did an investigation into their officers when confronted with the claims, and not a single soul would take credit for that statement.

Check out the video below of the chief’s statement: